Aftercare, Through a Submissive’s Eyes

Often, I visit other BDSM related Facebook pages, to research or to answer people’s questions. Six days ago, I came across this touching piece (it’s original title ‘His Aftercare, His Love’) by The Loving Dom you’re about to read. He managed to capture the sensations a submissive goes through during aftercare so well, it took my breath away.

As he untied the last knot, the rope fell to the floor. Discarded, it had served its purpose well and was no longer of any concern. With one hand he applied the cream while with the other he lovingly rubbed it in with a slow circular motion which enhanced what was already a very reddened ass.

He guided her to the sofa and gently laid her down. She let out a short gasp and moan as the soreness bit, clearly reminding her of the events of the last hour.

It wasn’t so much the harshness of His crop but the time that had passed since her last cropping. Her ass had become unused to such attention, her skin returning to its original baby-like state; smooth and delicate to the touch. She had therefore felt His crop more than usual, which he knew hadn’t entirely been unpleasant for her as she had always adored feeling the pain.

She was sore now though, and that meant movement was an effort. He gently laid her down and she immediately assumed the fetal position, something she had often done in the past post scene.

Laying beside her, he wrapped his strong manly arm around her body and squeezed her tightly before releasing his hold. A tender kiss to the back of the neck was followed by the caressing of her temples and stroking of her hair. This not only clearly showed His love but also soothed her to the point of sleep.

And as she dropped off, she wondered to herself if the world could actually feel any better than at this exact moment in time. If it could, she’d never experienced it before. So THIS is what love feels like, she thought to herself as she drifted into unconsciousness in his arms, sore and more contented than she had ever felt before.

© The Loving Dom

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8 responses to “Aftercare, Through a Submissive’s Eyes

  1. Much as i enjoy each and every scene with my Sir, the aftercare is what really matters most – this article expresses that affirmation of a Dom’s love for His sub perfectly.

  2. This is beautiful, you have captured the emotion of the moment, perfectly. Thank you, TLD, Sir.

  3. I really love the insight given in this article thank you so much

  4. I enjoyed immensely.

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