About this blog
I strive to make Bedroom Bondage your go to blog for when you’re looking for informative articles and tutorials on various BDSM subjects, seductive and kinky photographs, recommendations on the best and latest products, and a place to ask all your lifestyle related questions.

About me
My name is Noëlle Steegs, and people know me as a passionate young lady with a big drive, who recently moved from the Netherlands to South Africa, so I could be together with the love of my life, who is also my Dominant. This was a big change in my life and together with him, I took a dive into one of my biggest passions: BDSM. Although I’ve been into it for over six years now, he’s the first
man with who I feel so safe and secure that I’ve been absolutely comfortable with exploring my kinky side even further.

My love took this photograph of me, about one year ago.

This is one of my favorite picture from my private collection. Photography by my love.

One thing which you should also know about me, is that I’m an avid researcher, and I love helping other people (one of the reasons I’ve worked in customer service for five years). These two things, along with my passion for BDSM and love and motivation from my partner, have brought me to the point where I started sharing my knowledge and findings with other people, who are into, or at least curious about BDSM. And that is how Bedroom Bondage was founded.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Noelle

    Thanks for sharing you inspiration, learning & information. I feel that it is through people like yourself that help any community grow strong, vibrant & dynamic. It’s inspiring to me to hear of people that find their place & the people around them that support & encourage them to be themselves, to grow & be active within & for their community. It’s what I am doing too. Although I would like to find a intimate situation that adds the extra level that your partner offers you.

    I’m a furniture designer that customer builds furniture that is stylish, contemporary, ethical & environmentally sustainable. I’ve started to also specialise in furniture specific for kink where it doesn’t look like its from a gothic film set or a dungeon yet is just as functional.

    The Kinbaku Bi bed I made & have on sale at the above site is a good example of what I like to make for other people. I brought the materials for this to make a bed for me. As Ive decided to move cities (almost 4000km away) between buying the materials & making it I’ve chosen to make it to sell. I am currently looking for the person who wants this bed & knows how valuable it really is. Someone who loves beautiful rare & recycled timber, natural plant based finishes, traditional natural materials, Japanese things, Shibari / Kinbaku bi & realises that the personal gain we have from furniture that is actually healthy in the room we spend about a 1/3 of our life in is vital.

    I thought that you would appreciate it so wanted to share it with you. A fellow timber worker said that with the solid teak slab head board & custom sized tatami mats he felt it was worth twice what I am asking.

    If you like it & what I do i want to draw your attention to the people like me that want to offer custom services (with a product at the end) to clients as another possible aspect of what you offer. When people like myself are starting out we are always looking for more clients that appreciate what we do. So maybe part of what you offer people could be connection with crafts people like myself. I personally would be happy to offer a commission for this sort of connection making it a win for everyone.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    R Smith

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