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6 Savvy Tips to Get the BDSM Gear YOU Want

Before diving straight into the actual products that should be in your BDSM kit (next article), I’d like to share some valuable tips with you, which will make your whole kinky online shopping experience much more fun, and help you to save money. And when I say ‘save money’, I’m not talking about a lousy $5 off. More about that later… But for now, let’s get into the right way to shop for your gear.

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7 more tips for S&M toys on a budget

Are you into kink, and enjoy being creative? Chances are you’ve already Googled for BDSM DIY’s, or for tips to experience different aspects of S&M without having to empty your wallet. According to my statistics, people already visit this blog for inspiration on these subjects. Plus, the last article in this category, ‘S&M Toys on a Budget‘, was well-received, so why not provide some additional information about a subject I know you already love? Enough said. Enjoy these seven tips to spice up the time you spend in the bedroom (or wherever you might enjoy to play).

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S&M Toys on a Budget

I was checking my mail today, a post by Michelle Fegatofi had arrived in my inbox. Her articles are always very interesting, covering topics like body image, BDSM attributes and symbolism, so I couldn’t wait to read it. She managed to inspire me to try new things out, and I hope she’ll do the same for you. If you love this article as much as I do, you should have a look at the book she recently published: BDSM Basics for Beginners.

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