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Darling, WHY do you want to ‘hurt’ me?

I was asked a very interesting question today, by a gentleman who is a dominant, with a yet-to-be submissive partner, and wants to introduce his kink to her (in this case some good old whipping) and asked me to share my thoughts on getting her to comply. I had to think about this for a while, and wasn’t quite sure how I would have approached this, but then something that I had mentioned in my earlier article came to mind..

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7 more tips for S&M toys on a budget

Are you into kink, and enjoy being creative? Chances are you’ve already Googled for BDSM DIY’s, or for tips to experience different aspects of S&M without having to empty your wallet. According to my statistics, people already visit this blog for inspiration on these subjects. Plus, the last article in this category, ‘S&M Toys on a Budget‘, was well-received, so why not provide some additional information about a subject I know you already love? Enough said. Enjoy these seven tips to spice up the time you spend in the bedroom (or wherever you might enjoy to play).

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10 Top Tips for New Dominants

I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed, when I came across a post with the title ‘for new dominants’ by Daddy’s Whorecrux. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed there are many dominants out there, who are very eager to make someone their submissive, without having educated themselves first, so I thought it would be a good idea to share these tips with you. Please note this list is inspired by, but not a literal copy of, the post by the aforementioned blogger.

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BDSM How To | Aftercare 101

It came to my attention that quite a few fans and followers would love to know about how they could take care of their submissive, after their BDSM play. Aftercare, an extremely important part of BDSM, is sadly overlooked by most couples. Clarisse Thorn wrote: “Being together with an S&M partner during aftercare can be used to free people, to make them feel amazing and establish extraordinary intimacy.”

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Love: a Great Addition to BDSM

BDSM can be practiced while being involved in different ‘relationships’. These may include playing together with a friend (or even acquittance), as a service (paying a Mistress for her services, for example), with a stranger (at a party or club) or with your loving partner. I’m all about exploring BDSM as a couple, so that is what this article is about.

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