I strongly recommend you read the legal disclaimer and privacy policy, together with the information following below.

Please know that I’m not a professional, although I’ve been into BDSM for several years. I’ll always strive to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information possible, however it is your own responsibility to ensure that any information you use is confirmed with other resources, as we do not accept any responsibility for injury (material or personal) that may occur through your own actions.

The content on this blog is created for information and entertainment purposes only. It contains my view and honest opinion on the BDSM lifestyle. Occasionally information is used that has been created by a different author, in which case credit will be given below the relevant post.

Most images on this blog have been found through research on the internet, and are presented as visual inspiration for those viewing. These images are not presented as my own work, unless I note it under the specific post and/or have watermarked them. If any of your images have been used and you want me to remove them please contact me immediately.

Affiliate links
The majority of links to third-party retail websites are affiliate links.  I only receive commission if you purchase the product through the link.  This does not add any cost to you as the customer, as the commission comes out of the retailer’s pocket. The earnings generated from affiliate programs will be used to maintain and improve this blog.

The purpose of the comments’ section is to provide an area for discussion between you, myself, and other readers. Discussion and debates are highly encouraged, and disagreements are expected and provide opportunities to create a fuller picture. As certain topics and comments can arouse passionate feelings on either side of the argument, all users and comments must adhere to community guidelines. These guidelines require that users participate in a civil, intelligent, and respectful manner.
Comments which do not add to the conversation (including, but not limited to, advertising, off-site links, and spam) or go on an inappropriate tangent may be edited, moved, or deleted.  No personal attacks are permitted in the comments towards other readers or myself.  Trolls and trolling comments will be not be permitted.  The comments you leave should be constructive, helpful, or insightful–they add value to the conversation.  If an otherwise intelligent, well-written comment is accompanied by personal attacks, condescension, ridicule, or other types of snark, it may be subject to deletion. If you have to insult someone to make your point, your comment will be deleted.

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