“Thank you for your page, we are having lots of fun discovering, learning and exploring each other all over again, and the information we find here from yourself and the community is very helpful in our journey.”
— Sally Leanne, via Facebook

“I love your blog! It is so fun but also full of great advice, great job.”
— JadeJones80, via Tumblr

“Lovin your page, keep up the great work. I really like how interactive your page is, you’ll be seeing me around.”
— Owned by my Master, via Facebook

“Still recuperating from fun. I think it is tastefully presented and in tread with market needs. It ties in nicely with Shades of Grey and the hype around the books… It will be a sensual addition to the ‘weekend away from the kids’..”
— G.K. (Western Cape), in a response to the Intimate Moments Play pack

“Loving your page and the powerful images and words shared with many of the images.”
— Visions InPhotography, via Facebook

“I have enjoyed your page for quite some time now…so much so I decided I wanted to start my own page!”
— Derek Letsch, via Facebook

“New to this site… I think its great! Keep up the good work..”
— Michelle Stevens, via Facebook

“Love this page keep up the good work!”
— Whitney Gibson, via Facebook

“We love this page!”
— Whips N’ Whispers, via Facebook

— Jaded Angel, via Facebook

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